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Minnie Mouse STUCK in MOUSE TRAP! w/ Princess Rapunzel, Paw Patrol Chase & The Witch in Real Life

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Minnie Mouse STUCK in MOUSE TRAP! w/ Princess Rapunzel, Paw Patrol Chase & The Witch in Real Life

Minnie Mouse sees a slice of a cheese wheel and rushes over. She picks it up and begins to gobble it down. It's not long before she feels something strange and suddenly shrinks. Completely unfazed, Minnie spots the cheese again and rushes toward it. A mouse trap is suddenly sprung holding Minnie in place. The victim tries to call for help, but a large spider begins to make its way toward the trap. Princess Rapunzel spots the large spider and rushes over to check out the commotion.

Rapunzel arrives and kicks the spider away before grabbing the cheese and taking a bite of it. Rapunzel shrinks before she realizes it and notices Disney Minnie stuck in the mouse trap. As both of the girls are shrunk, the Witch reveals herself and laughs at their expense. Meanwhile, Spiderman arrives and sees the Witch. He rushes over but she escapes before he can act. He then looks down and notices Minnie and Rapunzel crying for help.

Marvel Spiderman decides to pursue the Witch first, but she throws a net over him as he catches up to her. She then takes out a mace and beats him up, but Chase sees this and intervenes. The Witch tries to make her escape yet again, but Chase manages to knock her down with a bow and arrow. Chase and Spiderman then beat her up until she gives up the antidote. Chase then takes her to jail as Spiderman rushes back to the girls. He pours the antidote on them and returns the girls back to their normal selves, and they all celebrate together.

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