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Is Spiderman & Hulk PREGNANT? w/ Joker & The Witch in Real Life

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Is Spiderman & Hulk PREGNANT? w/ Joker & The Witch in Real Life

Hulk and Spiderman are racing when the Evil Witch uses her magic wand to conjure candy that rains from the sky. The racers pull over immediately and begin to stuff their faces with the sweets. Joker is walking by when he sees the friends gorge on candy. Hulk and Spiderman suddenly seem pregnant with full bellies when Joker knocks them out to steal their candy. Hulk gets on Spiderman's car and they chase after Joker together.

As the heroes get closer to Joker, he throws a stick of dynamite at them. The explosion buys Joker time to escape and ignites Spiderman's car, forcing them to follow on foot. Joker eventually finds a safe spot and begins to eat his new candy. Before he knows it, his stomach is huge and Joker looks like he's pregnant. Spiderman and Hulk finally catch up and try to beat Joker up, but notice he's pregnant too.

Hulk tries to help by punching Joker in the belly, but it simply makes him throw up. Hulk, Spiderman, and Joker notice the Witch laughing and grab her before she can escape. The trio force the Witch to change them back to normal, and she obliges. With their bellies back to normal, they shoo the Witch away and celebrate.

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