How to Say "Shut Up" in Polish | Polish Lessons
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How to Say "Shut Up" in Polish | Polish Lessons

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How to say "Shut Up." Zamknij się. Zamknij się. You do it with a little bit of an attitude too. You do zamknij się. Zamknij sie. So to break it down, zamknij, zamknij, like knee, zamknij się. The e with the little accent underneath it makes an elm, so zamknij się. Zamknij się. Go ahead, tell me to shut up. All right, all right, I will. Good job though.

To say "Quiet," you say cicho. Cicho. So cicho, the ch combination makes the c silent so cicho. Cicho. Go ahead, try it. Very good!

To say "You're too loud," jesteś za głośno. Jesteś za głośno. So let's break these words down, jesteś, the s with an accent on it is a sh, so jesteś za głośno. So the l with an accent or the accent line through it makes a wo, so glo, then the s again, sno, glosno. Jesteś za głośno. Jesteś za głośno. Go ahead, say it. Okay, good job.

Those are a few different ways to say "Shut Up."

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