How to Remember Planets | Memory Techniques
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How to Remember Planets | Memory Techniques

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I'm Barry Wrightman Author of, "Secrets, Tips and Tricks of a Powerful Memory". I'm going to talk to you about how to remember the planets, in there order from the sun. I always talk about focusing and picturing things and using various tricks to help our memory.

First thing I'm going to suggest is that we simply look at the solar system. Look at the order of the planets from the sun we see some patterns. We see that the planets start small and they come out from the sun and then get small as they go further away. That will help us visualize things. But I have been asked for an easy method. My very easy method, just set up nine planets. "What's he talking about?" My very easy method, just set up nine planets.

Oh I know, m - mercury - my, v - very easy method. Just set up nine planets. If you use that simple mnemonic, that extrapolation of an acronym, if you will. You can't forget the order. You've looked at them; you know that mercury is the closest to the sun. Mercury it's in a thermometer, it is very hot, it is close to the sun. That is easy enough. And the rest of it is just the first letter of each of those planets. If you did not know the solar system, if this was a different star than our sun, it wouldn't be that easy. But we hear the names of these planets all the time. So just the initial letter should help us.

Now, there's been some recent talk among scientist that pluto, that last planet from the sun, is not really a planet at all. That's OK. We can intellectually know that but still leave that mechanic in place so I can finish the sentence or the group of sentences. My very easy method, just set up nine planets. And that's how I do it.

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